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ORT-Project-Header2Vancouver ORT is proud to support an innovative Smart Classrooms Pilot Project in Vancouver and Richmond schools.

Vancouver and Richmond were selected by ORT Canada to host the pilot project of the Smart Classrooms initiative in Canada.

A highly successful first year of the project recently completed at King David High School in Vancouver and the Richmond Jewish Day School. ORT’s vision is to expand this project into the public school system.

ORT's Kadima Mada program is making a difference to the lives of students

ORT’s Kadima Mada program is making a difference to the lives of students

This groundbreaking educational program equips schools with computer and science labs, and trains teachers to use them to their fullest capacity.

Interactive whiteboards replace the traditional whiteboard. Audiovisual equipment and interconnected computers for teachers and laptops for students bring education into the 21st century, giving our next generation the advantages they need to succeed in a connected world. The Smart Classroom technology encourages independent learning and adds interest to lessons, improving achievement.

The results have been dramatic.

Of students who have participated in a Smart Classroom project, 60% of elementary students and 70% of high school students say that learning in a Smart Classroom greatly contributes to their desire to learn and similarly large majorities reported enhanced interest and enjoyment.

Among teachers who participated, 87% report an increased motivation for learning among students and 82% report that their students’ understanding of the material improved.

ORT is thrilled to bring this dramatic innovation in education to Vancouver. Your support is making it possible to improve learning outcomes for our next generations.


To learn more or to support this project, or for more information about ORT Vancouver, please call 604-276-9282 or email maryt@ortcanada.org.